Felor's Daily Model 10.11.07


Hi. I have been really busy at school. So I haven't have much time for modeling but today I had and I quickly did this one. It's again some random head. :) You know how much I like to model alien heads. :P
I still have lots of projects, so I don't think I am going to post much stuff to here in this year.


Felor's Daily Model 18.6.07


Hi all. I am going to have some break off the daily model, but I am will still do 3D stuff. There is some other stuff I like to do now and I want to have time to them.
I have started new blog where I am going to but little bit different kind of models.

It's nice to see that Runneri still does do some models here. I try to show some my models here too time to time.


More hair


A hair doodle

My animation character needs a new hair. Heres an experimentation for it...


Say- Aaa


Nothing for a long time and here we go again.


It certainly IS greener!

Something for a long time.